Employee Incident Report

IMPORTANT: This form is for Health System employees only. School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy employees please visit Blink to submit your report.

iReport is the new online event reporting system for UC San Diego Health System. The system will be used to document employee injury events and other reportable events. Please submit an iReport file within 24 hours of an incident. If there is a safety hazard (chemical, radiation, etc...), contact Health & Safety at 619-543-7575 or Workers' Compensation at 619-543-7877 immediately.

Instructions: If an employee is injured or develops a job-related illness (developed gradually, e.g.: tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome) as a result of their employment at UC San Diego Health System, they must complete and submit the Employee Event file in iReport. If the employee is unable to complete the form, the supervisor must complete the form on their behalf.  The user must select the Employee Event tile from the Icon Wall in iReport (see below):

Incident Reporting

* For detailed instructions on completing an iReport, please read "How to Submit an iReport File" (click here)

The submitted file will be electronically transmitted to the UC San Diego Health System Worker's Compensation Unit. A representative from Workers' Compensation Unit, will contact the injured employee and supervisor, to conduct an incident investigation.


Click here to open iReport